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Our language courses have been developed by the teaching team based on an action oriented approach referenced by the descriptors of the Council of Europe's Common
European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our courses take into account the needs of the candidates and their initial level, verified during the registration procedure.

The FLE Centre offers various training courses both free of charge and fee-paying. Candidates choose the course that best meets their needs. Once the course has been chosen, he/she prepares his/her application, which must contain the supporting documents indicated below, and he/she sends it to the FLE Centre.

Diploma courses

University Diploma of Preparation for Higher Education Studies-FLE
Diploma - option French as a Foreign Language, intended for students who do not have a high enough level in French to enrol directly in a university faculty in France (UFR - Training and Research Units).

This university diploma leads to the Certificate of Preparation for Higher Education Studies in France - Option French as a Foreign Language.

The French as a Foreign Language University Diploma (DU FLE) is an intensive course open to students who want to take specialty courses at UPJV, but who do not yet have a
sufficiently high level in French. This is a fee-paying course divided into 3 formats,
depending on the duration of the course programme:
  • 1 semester course: Includes 350 hours of lectures for those with an upper intermediate level in French (B2).
  • 2 semester courses: Includes 550 hours of lectures for those with an intermediate level in French (B1)
  • 3 semester courses: Includes 750 hours of lectures and is for those with an elementary level in French (A2).
Required Documents
  • cover letter
  • CV
  • a photocopy of the last diploma obtained or a photocopy of the BAC diploma (minimum required level BAC or equivalent High School Diploma) with details of courses if university studies
  • BAC or High School Diploma transcript
  • VISA (for students from countries outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland)
  • photocopy of identity card or passport
  • any test or diploma attesting to the level in French
  • a passport photo
Price: 1 semester : 1950€ - 2 semesters: 2950€ - 3 semesters: 3950

For more information, please contact: Philippe Vindevoghel

Intensive courses

The FLE Centre offers "FOU" courses (French for Academic Purposes), before the start of each semester, for international students in exchange programmes. By participating in methodology courses, students become familiar with French university life. These intensive French courses allow for a comprehensive review of basic linguistic concepts; they thus provide an opportunity for "learners", considered as "socio-cultural stakeholders", to prepare for university entrance, to acquire the linguistic, disciplinary and methodological skills necessary for success in their studies.

Conferences about France and cultural activities are also included in the programme. It is also a priceless opportunity to meet up with other international students for the first
time. This is a great way to start the year! If you would like to participate in one of these courses, sign up by completing the registration form. Attention, the number of places is limited!

Download the registration
For more information, please contact: Esther Caron - +33 3 22 82 72 51

The Centre has a programme of thematic courses. These courses are organised within the framework of inter-university cooperation. They not only allow students to improve their level of French, but also to discover French culture. Students are invited to participate in artistic workshops, cultural and linguistic events.

3-month Course
French as a Foreign Language course and thematic workshops accompanied by socio-cultural visits. French as a Foreign Language lessons + set of artistic workshops, visits, events about the French language and culture.

Summer schools
The French as a Foreign Language Centre offers French courses for foreign students wishing to immerse themselves in the heart of French culture. These summer schools can also respond to specific requests for refresher courses during the summer.

For more information, please contact: Esther Caron - +33 3 22 82 72 51

Certification courses

TCF ANF Certification

The UPJV's FLE Centre regularly organises sessions to take the
Knowledge of French Test (TCF - Test de Connaissance du Français) for access to French nationality by marriage or naturalisation.
For more information on the review process, visit the CIEP website (

Price: 100€ (payable by cheque)

For more information, please contact: Isabelle Catry - +33 3 22 82 79 97 -

Other training courses

> Semester courses of FLE (French as a Foreign Language)
The University of Picardie Jules Verne offers French as a Foreign Language courses for the refreshment and improvement of French throughout the academic year.

Upon arrival and in order to determine their level in French, students take the SELF Language Assessment Test (Language Evaluation System for Training test / Innovalangues developed by the University of Grenoble Alpes). Based on their results, they are divided into groups according to their level in order to encourage optimal progression.
These 50-hour courses per semester include Language-Culture modules (French language,
civilisation and culture courses). The courses can lead to ECTS credits (4 for language
courses and 4 for civilization and culture). The knowledge test is carried out as part of ongoing evaluation (written work, presentations of civilisation topics, production activities integrating grammatical reactivation, performance of specific operational tasks…..)
These courses are aimed at exchange students from partner universities and open to any non-French-speaking UPJV student, subject to the availability of places.

Required Documents (as required for the contract of studies)
  • photocopy of identity card or passport
  • VISA (for students from countries outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland)
  • application for registration for the FLE Language Level Test
  • a passport photo
Price : free

> Migrant Reception Programmes and Courses
Courses aimed at refugees seeking asylum allowing them to reach a sufficient level of French for entrance to a French university.
Level A1 and level B1+/B2

The application can be submitted in English.
  • cover letter
  • CV
As far as possible:
  • any document proving identity and residence in France, for example a certificate of asylum application
  • any document attesting to any previous university studies
  • any document attesting to the level of French (e. g. DELF test)
  • certificate of validation of prior learning (VAE)
  • BAC or High School Diploma transcript attesting to the the nature and level of studies (in chronological order)
Price: free

> Distance learning in French on Academic Objectives (towards B2)


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